Rising Damp

Any walls that are affected by rising damp will be chemically treated by either a low pressure water based solution or a low odour injection cream.


If the internal plaster has been affected by ground salts, these areas will be re-plastered in a salt resistant plaster to the appropriate heights.


All chemical damp proofing works are guaranteed for 10 years.



Advice can be given for the long term reduction of condensation occurrences.


In extreme cases, works can be carried out to warm cold wall surfaces by the use of thermal plasterboards.


Lateral Dampness

For walls adjacent to high internal or external ground levels, or walls constructed underground, we have a variety of tanking methods designed to overcome this problem, including slurries, resins and polyethylene membranes. All works covered by a 10 year guarantee.


Penetrating Dampness

We can provide advice regarding roof coverings, rainwater goods and mortar joints to prevent water ingress.

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We will preserve your home and remove the unsightly problems associated with damp, from peeling paint and wallpaper, to moulds, loose plaster and damp staining. We have the training and experience to fully assist you. Why not check out our damp proofing gallery for more information. Then give us a call to arrange an inspection.

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