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Rising damp is a common problem in older buildings that have not been properly damp proofed. Simply put, rising damp occurs when groundwater rises through porous building materials such as stone, mortar or brick. This often results in telltale 'tide marks' on walls.

Because rising damp can lead to mould and other moisture-related issues, it is important to treat it promptly and effectively.

What is rising damp?

Rising damp can pose a serious risk to your home.

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  • Thorough inspection of affected areas

  • Detailed written report with recommendations

  • Health and safety inspection

  • Chemical treatment with water-based solution or injection cream

  • Repair damaged plaster with salt-resistant plaster to appropriate heights

Our services include:

Protect your home and your family from the hazards posed by rising damp. We have the training and experience to address a variety of water issues in your home - take a look at our Damp Proofing services or our Damp Proofing Gallery for more information. If you are concerned about rising damp in your home, call us today to arrange for an inspection.

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