Both wet and dry rot are fungi that attack the timber in your home and feed on it to grow and spread. Wet rot is often found in damp areas of the home like the bathroom or kitchen, but dry rot can appear anywhere. Both will produce a musty, unpleasant odour.


Rot can have a terrible effect on the structural integrity of your home. Prompt treatment and repair are necessary if you discover rot in your home.

What is rot?

Prompt eradication is the only way to deal with timber rot.

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•     Inspection of affected areas

•     Written report and recommendations for treatment

•     Wet rot can be treated with resin repairs and chemical treatment

•     Dry rot can be chemically treated to assure full eradication

•     Joinery works and re-plastering carried out where necessary

Our treatment includes:

Don't let rot spread in your home. Early detection and treatment can protect your home and spare you costly repairs in the future. Check out our Timber Gallery for examples of our work with wet and dry rot. If you notice signs of rot in your property, call us to arrange for an inspection.


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